FPA Retreat
May 6 – May 9 all-day
FPA Retreat
One needs only to speak with past attendees for a few moments to recognize that they view FPA Retreat as a genuinely unique experience in the world of professional events. The secret, they say, is deeper than the session content or the location, and lies in its spirit.
The story began in the perfectly imperfect incubator environment of a college campus, with companions carrying on animated deliberations far into the night. The essence of these informal discussions drove an evolution into what we now call “Under the Trees,” that marked the early days of Retreat.

As the idea continued to transform, the spirit of friendly discourse, a shared commitment to improvement and development and a structure without formal boundaries endured. A format focused on the powerful interactions and connections between planners who have come to view each other not just as peers, but as friends and confidantes, remains a hallmark of the gathering to this day.